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Phone Repair

Who hasn’t dropped their phone? Not us. And probably not you, right?

Rely on our reliable phone repair services!

No matter how careful we are, we all knock our phones off a table, out of our laps, or simply clumsily let go of them midair. It’s a fact of life. If you own a mobile phone, it will end up on the floor, banged against your bedroom dresser, or subjected to some other kind of punishment due to our absentminded neglect. But a damaged phone is not the end of the world. Very often a little touch-up is all your phone needs to get back in action.

Does your phone’s screen look like a jigsaw puzzle?

Does it sometimes feel like if you breathe too hard on your phone, you’ll put a long nasty crack across its screen? As often as we smash our phones, you would think they were somehow magically drawn toward floors, countertops, and any other hard solid objects in our vicinity. Until phone manufacturers figure out how to make a screen out of transparent steel, damaged screens will be a part of our reality.
But you don’t have to shell out for a new phone if your current device works perfectly except for its broken screen. Our expert technicians will evaluate whether your phone simply needs a new glass or plastic screen or whether the inner LCD components need replacing.

Do you spend more time charging your phone than using it?

These days, our phones are more than just for calls and messages. They are tiny computers we use to browse the internet, read books, and watch movies. All of these activities require quite a bit more power than did cell phones of the past. And although mobile power storage technology is increasingly improving every year, phone batteries gradually lose capability as they get older.
If your phone is no longer getting the juice it needs, we can put the pep back in its step. We carry replacement batteries for a wide range of mobile devices, so we can almost certainly accommodate your phone’s battery replacement.

Is your phone all wet?

While we all enjoy a good swim, being submerged in water is disastrous for our phones. Sometimes a good drying out of internal components with minimal replacement is all that is necessary. Other times a little more surgery is involved. But don’t wait to dry off your phone and get it to us. Our technicians can get your phone back in order after many submersion situations.