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About Us

Welcome to CellNxt.

We’re a team of experts everyone turns to when their phone, accessories, or other tech devices have a problem. That’s because we have years of experience taking in all the broken smartphones, fixing them right up, and returning them in the condition they want to do their business.
We understand that our phones are like another limb, and we can’t do without them. That’s why you can trust we’ll get your devices back up to speed with our quality repair services coupled with exceptional prices.

Our Mission

To deliver top-notch phone accessories and repair services.
We believe every phone has life in it yet and doesn’t need replacing as soon as there’s a minor issue. Sustainability sits at the heart of our mission, keeping your treasured smartphones running while reducing the need to buy another.

Our Vision

We envision our phone repair and refurbishment service as an essential resource that guarantees protection for your device should the unexpected happen.
Our service gives peace of mind that if your phone faces wear and tear, we can get it back up to scratch, saving you the hassle and great expense of getting a new one.

Our Values

Efficiency, protection, and retention are the values we incorporate into our cellphone repair service.
We are efficient at what we do as specialists in the phone repair and refurbishment business. Our team offers robust protection for your prized asset, reassuring you that you can retain your phone rather than spend big replacing the device.

10 Years

Of Experiences